What is 'Next Steps'?

And how does it relate to ‘Our Future’?

You might have noticed that ‘Our Future’ is the second study of its kind to study young people each year.

Our Future, follows on from another study called 'Next Steps' that began in 2004, following people born in 1989-1990. 'Next Steps' is still continuing today and since 2013 has been run by the Institute of Education.

Like you, the young people of 'Next Steps' were interviewed once every year. However, now that they are older and their lives are not changing as rapidly, they are surveyed once every few years.

The data from 'Next Steps' provided a unique view of the experiences of young people in England. The study helped to reveal the issues affecting young people and information from the study helped in the development of new policies that reach young people. Now, the data helps us understand how their experiences as teenagers influenced the rest of their lives.

In addition, comparing the lives of the generation in 'Next Steps' and your generation in ‘Our Future’ helps us to identify the differences between your generation and the generation before.

Differences between findings in 'Next Steps' and Our Future surveys.

Percentage of respondents who: 'Next Steps' - at age 14 in 2005 Our Future - at age 14 in 2014
Played truant for particular lessons or odd days 20% 11%
Reported instances of bullying 41% 36%
Reported that they smoked 17% 8%
Expected to study A levels 59% 65%

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